Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Pre-teens

This report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation examines the influence that family can have on how children in their pre-teen years learn about alcohol, and identifies the need for and approaches to providing parental guidance on the subject.

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Family life & alcohol

This study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation examines how parents ‘teach’ young children between the age of 5 to 12 about alcohol. It explores parents’ attitudes and family drinking practices using a national survey and in-depth case study research.

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ru-ok? is Brighton and Hove’s under 18’s specialists substance misuse service. They aim to offer a young person and family-friendly service, reducing the harm caused by alcohol and drug use by young people. They offer free confidential advice, support and information to young people about their drug and/or alcohol use.

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Substance misuse guidance

Use of alcohol and/or experimentation with drugs is part of normal growing up for many young people. Looked after young people may be particularly vulnerable to problematic drug and alcohol use. In order that you may help minimise the risks to young people’s welfare, foster carers need to feel informed about the facts and supported by other people working with the child in their care.

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