Children’s Rights

The Independent Visiting Scheme

Independent Visitors are adult volunteers from all walks of life who undertake to befriend a child or young person in care. The service is a statutory requirement of the Children Act 1989, which states that children are eligible for an Independent Visitor if they have little or inadequate contact with their birth parents. Independent Visitors might take young people out on activities (like fishing, skateboarding, going to the cinema, learning badminton, driving lessons, etc.), or they might help by assisting with homework, or just meeting up for a friendly chat. Independent Visitors are recruited, trained and supported by Children and Families. They are rigorously checked and assessed, and formally approved by managers from within the Fostering service. They are unpaid, although they can recover expenses. Adult volunteers are carefully matched with young people to ensure as far as possible that the relationships that develop will be successful ones. For the most part, they are! We get a lot of very positive feedback from young people about their visitors, and the differences they make to their lives.

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