The under-16 Pledge

This is the Pledge for children and young people up to 16 years.

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This Pledge is a set of promises made to you by Brighton and Hove City Council. It is for all children and young people in care up to the age of 16. There is a separate 16+ Pledge for 16-25 year old young people.

You might not want to read this because you think it is just a boring webpage full of jibber jabber. But this is important as it tells you what promises we are making so you are safe, happy and healthy and about how people should listen to you.

We know that being in care isn’t always easy but all the adults who work for and with the council have a special job to do to make sure that this is made better for you. This is called corporate parenting and is important that all these people make sure you have the best start in life.

Some of the words in this Pledge might be new to you or hard to understand, so ask your carer or Social Worker or someone else you trust to help you understand what they mean.

We want to give everyone who is in care the same chances and opportunities. We will treat you all equally and will always consider differences between children, for example about your age, religion, disability or culture. We will make sure that any extra support you need related to a disability is provided.

We will ensure that the Pledge is accessible to all disabled children and young people.

The Pledge (Our Promises to You)

We will involve you in making choices and decisions about YOU!

We will

  • ask you what you think and listen to you
  • make sure any additional needs or disabilities you have are considered
  • try to do something about what you say as best we can
  • tell you what we have done and when we have done it

We will always try to

  • explain what is going on in words you understand
  • listen to your wishes and feelings
  • make sure you are really involved in meetings about you

We will keep you safe

We will make sure you

  • live in a safe place and are well looked after
  • have space to do homework and relax
  • keep in touch with your family, other important people and friends including sleepovers
  • have you own Social Worker
  • should not have to change your Social Worker unless there is a good reason

Your Health and Activities

We will make sure you

  • keep you fit and healthy
  • have regular health checkups and treatment if needed
  • join clubs and do leisure activities and sports that interest you
  • have a safe place to play
  • have your achievements celebrated

School and Education

We will make sure you:

  • attend a good school
  • can access a computer and the internet safely
  • have extra tuition if needed
  • don’t have to change schools unless necessary especially in Years 10 and 11
  • make your Personal Education Plan (PEP) with us so you get the best education
  • are encouraged to take part in school and out of school activities
  • know there is a teacher (called a Designated Teacher) at your school who is there to help you

and last of all:

  • we can’t always promise to do everything you ask but will always explain if it’s not possible
  • we will tell you how to make a complaint if you are not happy or satisfied with what we do
  • we will make sure you can talk to a children’s advocate if you want to.

All of this will be done in your best interest and our ability and some need to be agreed between you, your carer and Social Worker

How to get in touch or to complain

1) The first person you should talk to is your Social Worker.

2) Children in Care Council

Phone: 01273 295444 or 01273 295464

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3) Children & Families Team

Lavender Street

Phone: 01273 295400

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

4) Youth Advocacy Project

Room 321 Kings House
Grand Avenue

Phone: 01273 295510

5) Standards and Complaints

(no stamp needed)

Freephone - 0500 291229 or Minicom - 01273 291070

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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