Facebook use

Facebook Use

To help you with getting to grips with Facebook and other types of social networking and the implications for foster carers, the Fostering Service will be arranging training for carers and when dates have been decided upon these will be sent out to you. As a reminder in relation to your usage of Facebook there are some general principles you should adhere to:

  • Do not upload any photos of looked after children onto your Facebook profile.
  • Do not refer to any names of looked after children or locations you go to with them or activities you do with them.
  • Ensure your own children and other family members follow the same principles and do not upload pictures of looked after children or refer to activities or locations they have been to with them. Advise your friends also not to upload photos of looked after children.
  • Do not refer to yourself as a foster carer on your Facebook profile.
  • Ensure that you set your privacy settings to ‘Friend Only’. Remember that ‘friends’ can access your profile and from that ascertain a lot of information about you and your friends.

Social networking is here to stay and you as foster carers do have a role to play in helping children and young people know how to keep themselves safe on the internet. There is a balance to be struck between freedom and protection, supervision and privacy Getting to grips with the internet and developing an understanding of how will help keep children safe as well as helping them to understand the benefits that the internet can bring.

There are now a number of useful websites where you can go to get advice. BAAF have advised a number that foster carers may find helpful:

We will be continuing to update our policy and procedures for foster carers in relation to social media. You can also discuss issues with your supervising social worker and the child’s social worker if you have concerns.

Clare Smith
Service Manager - Fostering


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