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Brighton and Hove Foster Care Association Brighton and Hove Foster Care Association (BHFCA) was established in 2004. We are an independent group of foster carers who have joined together to form an Association which is linked to the national Fostering Network. The objects of the Association are:

  • to offer support and representation to foster carers and their families
  • to encourage and promote the education and training of foster carers
  • to promote working partnerships between foster carers from Brighton and Hove Children and Families and other agencies working with looked after children
  • to improve the local community’s understanding of foster care.

We offer support to foster carers and aim to reduce the sense of isolation carers can suffer. We lobby on behalf of foster carers and the children they look after. To support our various activities we fund raise.

BHFCA is open to all Brighton and Hove foster carers. An executive committee is elected at our Annual General Meeting, which consists of foster carers and a Fostering Team representative. We are always willing to hear from foster carers who wish to become involved.

Although our Association is independent we do work closely with the Fostering Team and receive practical assistance and advice from them.

Foster carer survey

Finding out what foster carers views are is an essential part of how we operate, so that they can be fed back to social work staff.

A direct and significant result of a previous foster carer survey was that the times of the training courses offered to foster carers was changed to make them more manageable for carers collecting children from school.

Lobbying and consultation

We are regularly consulted by the Fostering Service about changes in policies and procedures. Committee members are invited on to working parties to give the foster carer’s perspective and are involved in service developments.

Support to carers

We organise a range of social events for carers such as coffee mornings and picnics.

We offer a Buddy Scheme to new foster carers. All new foster carers receive a telephone call from their ‘buddy’, an experienced foster carer within the first month of being approved. We recognise how strange the first months of fostering can be. A fellow carer can help reduce feelings of isolation and help a new carer find their way round the system.

We can also offer support (and representation if necessary) when allegations against a carer have been made and at other difficult times. We can provide a listening ear and informal support to carers.


BHFCA holds regular fund raising events which also provide opportunities for carers to socialise. Money raised supports the Association and future events for carers, their families and the children they look after.

Communication with foster carers

We send out regular newsletters and other communications to keep foster carers informed about events and developments. Information and support is also available on the Fostering and Adoption Website, approved foster carer pages at Contributions to the newsletter and website are welcomed.

Future plans

  • To develop an advocacy scheme for carers
  • To increase active membership of BHFCA
  • To continue to provide social events for carers and their families
  • To maintain lobbying and representation activities on behalf of foster carers
  • To continue to provide an effective organisation which Brighton and Hove City Council can consult and work with about policies, procedures and service developments affecting foster carers and looked after children.

For more information about Brighton & Hove Foster Care Association please contact your ‘buddy’ or the Fostering Team at Moulsecoomb Hub South, Hodshrove Lane, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 4SE,  Tel: 01273 295444 or your supervising social worker who will put you in touch with a BHFCA Committee member. We look forward to hearing from you.





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