Children’s voice

Children’s voiceMaking sure children and young people in care can make a positive contribution to their own plans and to the strategic planning of services is a key priority.

Children’s Rights

The Children’s Rights Service has been established since 2000 to increase the say that children and young people have in the services they use. There are a number of services that are offered to children and young people, which carers can also access.

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E-book for children and young people


Foster Care

This e-book is for children and young people

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The Brighton & Hove Pledge

This is the Brighton & Hove Pledge to children and young people in care and to care leavers.

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Youth Advocacy Project

Children in Care have a statutory entitlement to access to advocacy. The Youth Advocacy Project does not work as part of the multi-agency team and retains its independence in order to represent young people effectively.

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