About us

The Fostering & Adoption Service recruits, trains and supports foster carers and adopters and finds families for Brighton & Hove children who need a foster home or an adoptive family. We also provide services to adopted adults and birth families, and to family and friends carers.

The Fostering Service in Brighton & Hove was judged overall ‘good’ with some outstanding elements in the most recent Ofsted inspection of August 2012.

What we believe

Children's welfare is at the heart of Brighton and Hove's Fostering Service.

Our aim is to provide safe, secure and stable homes for children, who for whatever reason are unable to live with their own family.

We strongly believe that children are entitled to grow up as part of a loving and caring family who can meet their needs during childhood and beyond. Our foster carers are an essential part of this plan.

Our services

Brighton and Hove Fostering Service aims to provide a diverse and wide range of safe, caring and stable foster homes in which to meet the needs of our children in care. The Service works to support foster carers and their families to help meet the needs of these children.

The Service supports well over 100 foster carers offering many different types of fostering. At any one time there are over 300 children living in Brighton and Hove foster homes.

Our staff

Our staff team are experienced and are able to offer skilled advice. We are proud in Brighton and Hove of the support that we are able to provide to our foster carers.

Fostering in Brighton & Hove

There is a national need for foster homes and Brighton and Hove Fostering Service is keen to receive enquiries from people who are interested in becoming foster carers.

The Brighton and Hove Fostering Service is based at Moulsecoomb Hub South, Hodshrove Lane, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 4SE.

The majority of foster carers live in Brighton and Hove but we also have a significant number of carers who live in West Sussex and East Sussex. To become a foster carer for Brighton and Hove you need to live within a 20 mile radius of the city.

Brighton & Hove Fostering and Adoption Service | Moulsecoomb Hub South | Hodshrove Lane | Brighton | East Sussex | BN2 4SE | Tel: 01273 295444


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