Enjoy and achieve

Enjoy and achieve Foster carers play a very important role in supporting children in care with their education and providing them with a range of different leisure opportunities. Please contact the dedicated children in care education team if you need more information about school based issues.

Free childcare for two year olds

For information on free childcare for two year olds please visit


Attendance of Looked After Children at School

This guidance highlights the need for all children who are enrolled and normally attending school to attend, unless very exceptional circumstances apply.

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Education of looked after children and young people

Brighton and Hove City Council accords the education of looked after children a high priority and takes its role as ‘corporate parent’ seriously. The Council has put in place a number of positive support measures which should help children experiencing difficulties in school and assist carers in their crucial role of promoting educational achievement of the children they are caring for.

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What the Virtual School can offer

The government provides a set amount of money (£1900) for each child who is of statutory school age (5-16) and had been in care for at least 6 months in March 2012. In Brighton and Hove we have an arrangement that this money comes to the Virtual School and we allocate it according to need through the PEP (Personal Education Plan) process.

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