Licence agreement between a Staying Put provider and a young person

This is an agreement which allows the licensee, an “excluded occupier on a licence” (name of young person) a non-secure temporary licence to occupy a room at the home of the landlord (name[s] of Staying Put provider[s] ) who live[s] at (address) with the consent of Brighton & Hove Children’s Services (name of POD) and subject to the terms and conditions stated below.

It is agreed as follows:

Payment for premises

The licence charge for the occupation of these premises will be (state amount – either £138 or £150 pw, depending on which council area)

This will be paid by the Licensee on a weekly basis.

Service Charge

The Licensee will pay £20.00 per week ineligible service charge towards the cost of services (food and utility bills).

Licensee’s obligations:

The Licensee agrees to:

  1. Keep the property interior in as good order and state of decoration as it is when they move in, except for fair wear and tear. Any damages may have to be paid for.
  2. Allow the Provider or Provider’s agent, with or without workmen, at all reasonable times (immediately in the case of an emergency) to enter the room for the purpose of repairing and decorating it.
  3. Allow a representative from the POD access to the room at all reasonable times in order to check that it is in good order and if there are any concerns in relation to the Licensee. This will normally be by prior arrangement. The Provider and/or POD representative reserve the right to enter the room without the Licensee being present if there is cause for concern.
  4. Have visitors to the property by agreement with the Provider.
  5. Not make any alteration or addition or cause any damage to the property or the heating and electrical systems.
  6. Not give any key they may have to the property to anyone else apart from authorised people.
  7. Not do anything or allow anyone else to do anything that causes a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours.
  8. Not play or allow anyone else to play music which causes an annoyance to neighbours or which can be heard outside the property between the hours of 11pm and 7.30 am.
  9. Not keep animals or pets of any description in the room or the property unless by prior agreement with the provider and POD.
  10. Not bring, keep or allow the keeping of any unlawful drugs or prohibited substances at the property.
  11. Not allow anyone to stay overnight in the property.

Provider’s obligations

The Staying Put provider agrees to:

  1. Allow the Licensee to occupy the room and have reasonable access to all communal areas of the property (eg. living room, bathroom/toilet, kitchen, utility room, garden)
  2. Allow the Licensee access to services, such as electricity, gas, water, cooking facilities and/or food.
  3. Only enter the Licensee’s room with their agreement except where there is a need for emergency maintenance/repairs or there is cause for concern.
  4. Maintain the room in good decorative order and in good repair.

General Terms

  1. The benefit of this licence is personal to the licensee and cannot be given or transferred to another person.
  2. The licence may be terminated by either the Licensee or the Provider (in consultation with POD) giving 7 days notice in writing.
  3. In the event of a breach of the terms set out in this licence, the licence may be terminated immediately.

I agree to abide by the terms of this agreement.

Signed ……………………………………………. Licensee Date……….

Signed ……………………………………………… Staying Put Provider Date ………



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