Emotional Health

Where can I find help?

There are a numer of resources that can help UASC young people and children and their carers:

UASC Mental Health Assessment Pilot Project

The aim of the project is to enable the network around the child the young person to have a clearer understanding of the emotional and mental health needs of that child/young person at the earliest opportunity when they first come to the attention of the UASC team. It will include al UASC children aged 17 years and younger. The aim is for young people not to have to meet new people in order to complete the assessment if possible. This means that this assessment differs from other types of mental health assessments which require the young people to meet someone new, often in an unfamiliar setting.

The assessment will involve people who already know the young person and foster carers will be key to this. The mental health staff will support professionals to gain a better understanding of the young person’s needs. This is a relational based way of working which ensures that the assessment happens alongside people the young person trusts. The aim is to develop an individualised care plan with the chid/young person in order to identify a range of approaches and strategies to support the emotional wellbeing of the young person. This is called a Wellbeing Plan and will be incorporated into their care plan, held by the team around the child and regularly reviewed.

For further information please speak to the child/young persons social worker and your SSW.

The Fostering Service

We can provide sleep packs for young people – ask your Supervising Social Worker. 

The Sleep Project run by Christ Church University of Kent 

May be helpful for young people experiencing difficultires; please click here for information.

The Separated Children Project

Runs a number of projects aimed at providing emotional, social, financial and physical support to separated children and young People in Britain up to the age of 21.  https://separatedchild.org

Refugee Radio’s Mental Health Group

For refugees and asylum seekers.  New people can join This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call 01273 234868.


There are a number of resources that can help, please click the links below to download:


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