Sexual Health Services in Brighton & Hove

General Sexual Health

For confidential STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) testing, Sexual health advice and contraceptive services:

Claude Nicol Centre
Sexual Health Clinic
Tel: 01273 664721

Sexual Health
Tel: 01273 664722

Family Planning Clinic
Including Emergency Contraception
Tel: 01273 242091

Terrence Higgins Trust South
Tel: 01273 764200


Young People Under 25

For confidential general support, sexual health advice and
Information, free condoms, pregnancy testing and Chlamydia testing

Young People’s Centre (Central Brighton)
Tel: 01273 887886
Tel: 01273 889292
Tel: 01273 645900

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Unsure Youth Project
Tel: 0800567123 or 01273 721211

Morley Street Family Planning Young People’s Clinic
Tuesdays 4.30pm-6pm | Tel: 01273 242091

Claude Nicol Young People’s Drop In Sexual Health Clinic
Thursdays 3.30-5.30pm | Tel: 01273 664721

Universities of Sussex & Brighton
Tel: 01273 678641


For People affected by HIV/AIDS:

Terrence Higgins Trust South
Tel: 01273 764200

Tel: 01273 605706

Tel:01273 664722

African Communities Project
Tel: 01273 229002


Brighton Hove Sexual health website

The Big Screen Chlamydia Screening
01273 690985

Switchboard (5-11pm)
Tel: 01273 204050

Sexwise (For under 18’s)
Tel: 0800 28 29 30

NHS Sexual Health helpline
THT Direct: 0845 1221 200

Rape Crisis
Tel: 0208 683 3300

Tel: 0800 11 11

GUM Services

Confidential testing and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), information, advice, support and free condoms.

Claude Nicol Centre (Sexual Health Clinic)

Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Road, Brighton

Tel: 01273 664721

Young People’s Drop-In Clinic: Thursday 3.30-5.30pm; at other times by appointment only.

Family Planning Services

Pregnancy testing, contraception, free condoms, counselling and support, information and advice and referrals for terminations. A free and confidential service to all, including the under 16s.

Morley Street Family Planning Clinic,

Morley Street, Brighton

Tel: 01273 242091

Youth Clinic: Tuesday 4.30-6.00pm. Telephone for an appointment.

Young People’s Centre (YPC)

69 Ship Street, Brighton

Tel: 01273 887886

Drop-in clinic; Monday 3.30 and 5.30

Moulsecoomb Health Clinic

Hodshrove Lane, Mouslcoomb

Tel: 01273 260010

Monday 2-3pm for anyone and 3-4:30pm for young people under 25. A Drop-In is held on a Thursday for under 16’s. Over 16’s can get condoms free anytime between 9am and 5pm .

Macs Place

The Bridge, Falmer School

Friday 3 – 6pm

Whitehawk Clinic

1 Whitehawk Way, Whitehawk

Tel: 01273 609412

Monday from 3 - 4:30pm for under 25’s. A pregnancy testing drop-in is held daily Monday-Friday between 9am and 10am. Over 16’s can get free condoms anytime between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Young Peoples Sexual Health Drop-ins

Drop-in service for 13-25 year olds offering counselling, free pregnancy testing, free condoms and advice on sexual health and drugs.

Young People’s Centre (YPC)

69 Ship Street, Brighton

Tel: 01273 887886

Mon 5 – 8, Wed 3- 6, Thurs 3- 6,  Sat 10 - 1

Youth Advice Centre (YAC)

2nd Floor, Ovest House, 58 West Street, Brighton BN1 2RA

Tel: 01273 828828

Opening hours 9am to 6pm

Hangleton & Knoll Project

Hangleton Community Centre, Harmsworth

Crescent, Hove

Tel: 01273 410858

Safe and Sorted

48 Barcombe Rd, Moulsecoomb, Wednesday 3-6pm



Free Emergency Hormonal Contraception (morning after pills) is available from these pharmacists for young people under 18. When making referrals please contact the pharmacist first to ensure the appropriate pharmacist is available.


Crowhurst Road, Hollingbury, Brighton

Tel: 01273 542314


119-120 London Road, Brighton

Tel: 01273 603621


129 North Street, Brighton

Tel: 01273 207461


17-19 St James Street, Brighton

Tel:01273 682308


Superstore, Neville Road, Hove

Tel: 01273 203752

Day Lewis-Gunns

108 Western Road, Brighton

Tel: 01273 734227

Kamsons Pharmacy

90 Beaconsfield Road, Brighton

Tel: 01273 880404


105 Church Road, Hove

Tel: 01273 732216

Marina Asda

Marina, East Brighton

Tel: 01273 606611


10 Queen’s Parade Applesham Avenue, Hove

Tel: 01273 736443


76 Boundary Road, Hove

Tel: 01273 418165

Ross Chemists

3 York Place, London Road, Brighton

Tel: 01273 681396


MSU, 4 Churchill Square, Brighton

Tel: 01273 327402

Watts & Co

110 Dyke Road, Seven Dials, Brighton

Tel: 01273 327640

Woodingdean Coop Pharmacy

Tel: 01273 304267

13 Warren Way


GP Practices

These practises are providing a specialist sexual health provision to young people-who do not have to be registered at the practice:

St Peters Medical Centre

30 – 36 Oxford Street Brighton

Tel 01273 606006

Preston Park Surgery

2a Florence Road, Brighton

Tel 01273 506361

 The Stanford Practice

175 Preston Road, Brighton

Tel 01273 506361

 North Laine Medical Centre

12-14 Gloucester Street, Brighton

Tel 01273 601112

 The Charter Medical Centre

88 Davigdor Road, Hove

Tel: 01273 204059

 The Avenue Surgery

1 The Avenue, South Moulsecoomb, Brighton

Tel: 01273 604220

Portslade Health Centre

Church Rd, Portslade

Tel: 01273 422525

Specialist Services for Young Parents

Teenage Pregnancy Liaison Midwife

Level 12, Community Office, Royal Sussex Hospital, Eastern Road, Brighton BN2

Tel: 07876 357443

Open: Text message/voicemail service available for advice Mon-Tue 8.30-5pm

Support & advice to young pregnant women under 19. Service is in addition to normal midwifery care. Home visit offered to provide advice & information. Informal tours of labour ward once a month for young parents to be. Moulsecoomb Health Centre (every other month, one session on labour, feeding & postnatal care) for under 25s.

Teenage Pregnancy Reintegration Officer

The Manor Offices, Drove Road, Portslade

Tel: 07930 147947 (call or text)

Tel: 01273 294412 (admin)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Open: Mon-Fri 9-5pm

The reintegration officer works very closely with schools and education welfare officers in supporting the young mother to continue education. This may be reducing their timetables, finding flexible learning opportunities, finding and paying for childcare and transport, working collaboratively with other services.

Teenage Pregnancy Connexions PA’s

Stopover Outreach YPC, 69 Ship Street.

Tel: 01273 725340

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Teenage Pregnancy Specific Pas provide direct one-to-one support to 6-8 teenage parents/pregnant teenagers. They can provide support/signpost to specialist agencies regarding all issues relating to pregnancy, housing, benefits and accessing education and training.

Care to Learn

Tel: 0161 234 7269

Young people can call the helpline number: 0845 600 2809.


For local support in accessing Care to learn contact Jan Dyke (Teenage Pregnancy Reintegration Officer): 07930147 947 or 01273 294412 or The Connexions Teenage Pregnancy PAs: 01273 725340

Care to Learn helps with the costs of childcare while the young person is studying. It is a new scheme that is aiming to encourage as many young people as possible to find suitable education, training or work-based learning and childcare.

Anyone under the age of 19 who is living in Brighton & Hove can apply for childcare and any necessary travel costs up to £5,000 per child per year.

This money will not affect any of the young person’s, or their families, benefits or allowances. They do not have to be on any benefits or allowances in order to have their childcare paid for.

For help or more information call the care to learn team at Manchester, number above.

Choices – Antenatal Support Group

Young People’s Centre, 69 Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AE Phone

Tel: 07963191525

Open: 12:45-2:45pm Antenatal drop-in support group available for young parents under 20, including young fathers. Call for more information.

Stopover Mentoring

Young People’s Centre, 69 Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AE

Tel & fax: 01273 324 777

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Open: By telephone Mon – Thurs 9-5pm

Provides the opportunity for young women to have the support of a mentor. Mentor and mentee meet regularly (for up to 6 months) forming a safe, consistent and supportive relationship. All young women aged 13-17 in Brighton and Hove can refer, with a particular focus on young women wanting to access education, training or employment opportunities.

Stopover Outreach

Young People’s Centre, 69 Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AE

Phone: 01273 725340 and Fax : 01273 722541

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Open: By telephone Mon – Thurs 9-5pm

Telephone for initial contact. Provides one to one support sessions on a range of issues including: welfare benefits, housing, resettlement, education and training, childcare, healthcare

Children’s Information Services

Brighton Town Hall

Tel: 01273 293 545

Open: drop-in room at Monday - Friday 10.30am - 5.00pm.

Contact us for free information and advice on: registered childcare, free early education, children’s activities, family support, childcare careers and local childcare jobs.


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